When you visit Seville, you’ll see a cultural melting pot full of wonderful history and culture. Well, if you’re planning a trip there in the near future, this will be helpful. We’re going to give you 5 places to visit in Seville, Spain.

5-places-to-visit-in-seville-hop-on-hop-off-bus 5 Places To Visit in Seville

The Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter of Seville is the best place to walk the steps of Jewish history in Spain. Visit the Convent of Santa Maria de Jesus where long queues of worshipper’s form outside every Monday for worship. There are many tours available that will guide you through the streets and provide historical information or grab a map of the city and take your time exploring the Jewish Quarter alone.


Plaza del Toros (Bullfighting Ring)

The building, with its impressive Baroque façade, is very impressive to see. It is considered to be one of the finest in Spain and is one of the oldest and most important in the world.

5-places-to-visit-in-seville-bullfighting-2016 5 Places To Visit in Seville

Torre del Oro

Torre del Oro, the Golden Tower was built in the early 1200s. Today, the tower is home to a maritime museum that outlines the river’s importance throughout Seville’s history. Visitors can enjoy views of the waterway and city from a rooftop viewing platform.

5-places-to-visit-in-seville-torre-del-oro 5 Places To Visit in Seville


Real Alcazar

Alcazar is a complex of royal palaces, patios and gardens that is still used Spain’s Royal family on state occasions.

The beautiful domed ceiling in the Salon de Embajadores (Ambassadors Hall) to the arches is considered one of the top tourist attractions in Seville.

5-places-to-visit-in-seville-real-alczar-palace 5 Places To Visit in Seville


Seville Cathedral

Last on our list of 5 places to visit in Seville is the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world, Seville Cathedral. The cathedral of Seville recognized as UNESCO World Heritage. It was built on the site of a grand Almohad Mosque. A popular tourist attraction especially because inside of the cathedral is the tomb of Christopher Columbus.

Seville_Cathedral_(6931812488) 5 Places To Visit in Seville


We hope that you enjoyed our read of 5 places to visit in Seville, Spain. If you have a spot that we did not mention, please feel free to mention it.

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