It was very exciting to be in the beautiful cities of Heraklion and Athens, Greece for a vacation. Athens has a lot of wonderful things to discover. If you ever make it to the central Greece region, you have to go on an Acropolis of Athens tour. The ancient citadel sits above Athens and is quite a sight to see.

The road to my Acropolis of Athens tour began with the Hop off Hop on bus. It is the easiest way to navigate around the city. It took me to each point of interest that I wanted to see. I was able to get on and off as many times as I wanted using the same ticket. The cost was 20 euros for two days. I purchased my ticket at the hotel but you can purchase online or when you board the Hop-On Hop-Off bus.

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The weather was beautiful but very hot. I decided that journey of the day would be an Acropolis of Athens tour. UNESCO calls it the symbol of World Heritage. After 30 minutes of waiting in line I entered the base of the Acropolis. As I looked up I began to think if I was doing the right thing. This was going to be a hard walk, hike or whatever you would want to call it, but I was very glad that I had a great pair of walking shoes on my feet. I began the climb slowly with the rest of the curious visitors. Slowly climbing up and walking on the big shiny slabs of stones and on occasion, the wind blowing dust in your face. The “OMG am I going to make it to the top,” thought kept entering my mind. There were several sites to stop and enjoy before reaching the top.

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My on my Acropolis of Athens tour stop was this enormous stone and marble theater. It was constructed between 342-326 BC. Only 20 of the 64 original tiers built to accommodate 17,000 spectators remain. The front row was reserved for important priests and officials who enjoyed the show while sitting in thrones built of Pentelic marble. Women at the time were relegated to the back rows.


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The classical Temple of Athena Nike. The temple once housed a statue of the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War, Athena and the frieze illustrated scenes from mythology and Athenian battles. You will see a lot of scaffolding around as they’re doing restoration work to preserve the historic area. Carrying on up the hill my next stop of my Acropolis of Athens tour.


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The theater is very well kept and stunning. It was built by the wealthy Athenian Herodes Atticus and dedicated to his wife, Aspasis in 161 AD. It was a three level amphitheater that held 5,000 Greeks. It was used as a venue to host popular music performances, which is something that is still done today. On to the next stop of my Acropolis of Athens tour.

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I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw the former temple Parthenon standing as large as life in front of me and many other admirers. The Parthenon took 15 years to build and was built completely of Pentelic marble except for its wooden roof. It has eight doric columns that make up the facade and 17 columns line each side of the temple.


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I turned and walked towards the Erechtheion with sweat pouring down my face, wind blowing dirt all around me. I was in awe standing in front of the Erechtheion’s signature feature the Porch of the Maidens, which features six draped female figures (caryatids). The columns support the weight of the south porch’s roof on their heads (they looked so graceful!). Below the porch it is said that the grave of Kekrops, another King of Athens is underneath. Several of the original six-maidens are in the Acropolis museum.


The walk down on my Acropolis of Athens tour was much easier and I took my sweet time coming down the hill. My next stop would be into a destination with air condition.

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The Acropolis Museum ended up being my next stop on my Acropolis of Athens tour. It opened to the public June 2009 and revolves around the Acropolis. You can see statues and artwork that hasn’t been viewed since ancient times. A remarkable museum, packed with history and artifacts. On entering the museum, you walk over the ruins that is visible through the glass floor. If you want a break, their cafe has some delicious food, so that is a big plus after a long hot day in the sun.


One of the best places to visit in Greece id definitely Athens. If you make it there you absolutely have to do an Acropolis of Athens tour. It’s a must!

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