When traveling to Kenya, you have to visit Nairobi. Nairobi, the capital of Kenya is a vital and modern city full of interesting locations, places to see and things to do. The Kenya experience is not complete without a visit to some of the following tourist sites in Nairobi. Have a look at our list of some of the best tourist sites in Nairobi to visit.


The Giraffe Center

First on our list of Best tourist sites in Nairobi to visit is the Giraffe Center. Located in Lang’ata, approximately 5 kilometers from the center of Nairobi, Kenya. At this Nature preserve, you can get close up and personal with the giraffes. Hand feeding these magnificent creatures is a unique experience – they take food straight from your hand with their long blue tongues. You won’t be able to do that at any of the Nairobi tourist attractions! This is a must see and do, hands on experience.

Hours – Monday to Sunday 9:00am to 5:30pm

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Bomas of Kenya

This is a cultural village where each boma (homestead) was built using traditional techniques of different Kenya tribes. Through architecture, crafts, music and dance this village serves to preserve and display traditional Kenyan cutter.

Hours – Monday to Friday 2:30pm – 4:30pm and Saturday – Sunday 3:30 to 5:20pm

Elephant Orphanage (David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust)

Located about 30 minutes away from downtown Nairobi you will not be disappointed when you see the baby elephants being cared for. The keepers bring the elephants to a cordoned area to play, feed, and to show the public how well they are doing. You also have the opportunity to touch the elephant and if you are real close watch out for brown dust spayed on you. You are also able to adopt an elephant on site or online. Your donation ($50 per year) helps keep these elephants strong and safe. The entrance to the orphanage for the visiting hour requires a minimum contribution of $7 US dollars / 500 Kenya shillings per person. A gift shop is also on site.

Hours: 11 – 12pm for show time

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Railway Museum

Take a wander into the past and view the beautifully kept engines and carriages from the colonial days at the East Africa Railways. They also have a fascinating display of memories and artifacts.

Hours – Monday to Sunday 8:15am to 6:00pm

National Museum

Last on our list of best tourist sites in Nairobi to visit is the The National Museum of Kenya. The museum is one of the more popular places for Nairobi tourism as it boasts a facing range of cultural and natural history exhibits. There are huge galleries of stuffed wildlife, displays of Kenyan tribal group cultural, re-creations of rock art and an exhibition of hominid fossils from Lake Turkana in the north of Kenya.

Hours – Monday to Saturday 9:30am to 6:00pm

best-tourist-sites-in-nairobi-to-visit-giraffe-karen-blixen-museum Best Tourist Sites In Nairobi To Visit

The museum is the original farmhouse where the writer Karen Blixen (author of Out of Africa) lived between 1914 and 1931. It is set in lovely gardens and is a famous piece of Nairobi’s cultural history.

Hours – Monday to Sunday 9:30am to 6:00pm


We hope that you enjoyed our list of the Best tourist sites in Nairobi to visit. This should give you an idea of where to go in Nairobi. Have you visited Nairobi or plan to do so? Let us know in the comments!


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