Tour overview

This eight-day family adventure takes guests to the exotic Galápagos Islands, a region rich with a variety of local wildlife, flourishing flora and on-island excursions. Sailing through the four-island system by panga and by expedition ship, Santa Cruz II, as you and your family take in the beautiful views on both land and sea. Across this island society; explore the lagoons on Baltra Island that have a variety of birds within its ecosystem including pintail ducks, flamingos and stilts. Snorkel in Santiago Island in Buccaneer Cove where local sea lions may sneak up alongside you and surprise you. Hike up Bartolomé Island accompanied by incredible views at the summit. See the intricacies of the island firsthand! From the red sand of Jervis Island to the marine iguanas who forage for food in the sea, even the crabs are different here, with their bright red and yellow shells that provide quite a contrast to the black-lava rocks of these volcanic islands. Learn from Galápagos naturalists who travel with you… take walks on lave terrains… travel ashore via pangas… swim and snorkel… And much more!

galapagos-island-itinerary-map-297x300 Galápagos: Wildlife Wonderland


MAR 12

Santa Cruz II (90 passengers)

$8,448 $6,990 $6,790
MAR 26 Santa Cruz II (90 passengers) $8,448 $6,990 SOLD OUT
APR 09 Santa Cruz II (90 passengers) $8,448 $6,990 $6,790
JUN 04 Santa Cruz II (90 passengers) $8,448 $6,990 $6,790 f
JUN 14 Santa Cruz II (90 passengers) $8,448 $6,990 SOLD OUT
JUN 18 Santa Cruz II (90 passengers) $8,448 $6,990 SOLD OUT
JUN 28 Santa Cruz II (90 passengers) $8,448 $6,990 SOLD OUT
JUL 02 Santa Cruz II (90 passengers) $8,448 $6,990 $6,790
JUL 12 Santa Cruz II (90 passengers) $8,188 $6,990 $6,490
JUL 16 Santa Cruz II (90 passengers) $8,188 $6,990 $6,490
JUL 26 Santa Cruz II (90 passengers) $8,188 $6,990 $6,490
JUL 30 Santa Cruz II (90 passengers) $8,188 $6,990 $6,490
AUG 09 Santa Cruz II (90 passengers) $8,188 $6,990 $6,490
AUG 13 Santa Cruz II (90 passengers) $8,188 $6,990 $6,490


Tour Code: TauckGWW


  • Airport transfers upon arrival and departure as noted
  • 18 meals; service charges, most taxes and porterage
  • Aboard ship – daily cocktail hour; all day soft drinks; wine and beer with dinner
  • All gratuities to Tauck Directors, local guides, drivers, naturalists, and ship staff
  • On-Tour Air included (2 flights)
  • Your cruise may be a shared ship experience with non-Tauck guests onboard as well; all Tauck guests will be accompanied by one Tauck Director for approximately every 40 Tauck guests, and your itinerary will always be highlighted by exclusive, private Tauck shore excursions
  • Entrance fee to Galápagos Nat’l Park – $100 value per adult
  • Have brunch near a dormant volcano close to the Equator and explore colonial Quito on a guided tour
  • Learn about the Galápagos' natural history and conservation in the islands during a visit to the Cristóbal Interpretation Center on San Cristóbal

Not Included

  • International Air Fare
  • Travel Insurance Protection

Day 1 | Arrive in Quito, Ecuador

Tour begins: Swissôtel Quito. A transfer is included from Mariscal Sucre International Airport to the Swissôtel Quito, where you'll enjoy an Executive Level room.

Swissôtel Quito

Day 2 | A visit to the Equator & exploring Quito

Quito is not only 9,200 feet above “seal” level, it’s also on the Equator... the "middle of the world." Take the opportunity to stand on both the northern and southern hemispheres at the same time, and learn more about Quito's unique geography at the Inti Ñan Museum before enjoying an Ecuadorian lunch near a volcanic crater. Explore centuries-old Colonial Quito on a guided tour. Join us tonight for our welcome reception and dinner at your hotel, then get a good night’s sleep so you’ll be rested and ready for your family's unforgettable Galápagos experience tomorrow.

Breakfast, Lunch

Swissôtel Quito

Day 3 | Fly to Baltra & cruise to Santa Cruz Island

Your family's Galápagos tour and cruise* commences today when you fly from Quito to the volcanic island of Baltra and board your new expedition ship, Santa Cruz II. Your first shore excursion features a ride ashore on a panga to the island of Santa Cruz, and a wet landing on Las Bachas Beach (named for the US military barges, referred to as "bachas," that were beached and abandoned there after WWII) – an important nesting area for the green sea turtle. On a guided hike around a saltwater lagoon today, look for flamingos, pintail ducks, sandpipers and stilts; join our expert naturalists for an informative briefing back aboard ship this evening, prior to the Captain's welcome reception followed by dinner.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Santa Cruz II

Day 4 | Santiago Island... iguanas, sea lions & more

Start the day with a morning boat ride off Buccaneer’s Cove on Santiago (James) Island – once a favorite haunt of pirates and whalers – to observe seabirds like frigates, pelicans and boobies, and go snorkeling off the panga. After lunch aboard ship, a wet landing at Puerto Egas on Santiago provides even more opportunities to see seabirds, along with a colony of sea lions and marine iguanas; enjoy a swim and a snorkel from the beach before returning to the ship. Weather permitting, enjoy star gazing on the top deck this evening.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Santa Cruz II

Day 5 | Finches & penguins on Rabida & Bartolomé

Meet Darwin's finches and other rare birds today after a wet landing on Rabida (Jervis) Island, with its red-colored beaches. Experience both wet and dry landings on your excursion to Bartolomé Island; hike up to the summit and drink in amazing vistas of its volcanic features and the neighboring islands. Ride a panga around Pinnacle Rock, and view sea lions, sea turtles and tiny tropical Galápagos penguins in a panorama of life found only here. Tonight you'll find out more about the Galápagos Islands with our shipboard naturalists.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Santa Cruz II

Day 6 | Genovesa & Darwin Bay... all kinds of birds

Explore Genovesa (Tower) Island by panga and a dry landing; climb up Prince Philip’s steps for a hike across the island, where you'll see masked boobies, frigate birds, storm petrels and more. An afternoon cruise and a wet landing at Darwin Bay offers more amazing views of thousands of rare birds, including red-footed boobies, gulls, mockingbirds, herons and finches, as well as an optional walk across volcanic terrain. Back aboard the ship, celebrate the end of your cruise – and your family's most unforgettable Galápagos tour – at our Captain’s farewell dinner.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Santa Cruz II

Day 7 | Disembark on Santa Cruz & fly to Guayaquil

Disembark Santa Cruz II on the north shore of Santa Cruz Island, and visit a tortoise reserve to observe in the wild one of the rarest forms of wildlife that continue to thrive here on the Galápagos Islands – the giant tortoise – and efforts being made by the Ecuadorian National Park Service to preserve and protect life on the islands for future generations. Late morning, travel to the airport for your flight to Guayaquil on the mainland, and an overnight at the Wyndham Guayaquil. Join us this evening for a poolside farewell party at your hotel as your family's Ecuador and Galápagos tour comes to a close.

Breakfast, Dinner

Wyndham Guayaquil

Day 8 | Galápagos tour ends in Guayaquil

Tour ends: Guayaquil.
A transfer from the Wyndham Guayaquil to José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport is included. You should allow a minimum of 3 hours for flight check-in.