The Costa Maya cruise port is always a beautiful stop on an Eastern Caribbean cruise itinerary. It’s surrounded by the natural views of the Mexican Caribbean and Mayan Jungle. It’s a themed cruise port so Costa Maya Village offers plenty to do depending on what kind of cruise you are on.

5 Things to do in Costa Maya


Visit the best Mayan Ruins

Visit the Mayan ruins of Chacchoben and Kohunlich. You can’t go wrong with either option. If you decide to experience the Chacchoben Mayan Ruins, you will explore the secrets of the ancient Mayan civilization. You will see the historical significance of the important monuments including the Gran Basamento. Enjoy the sights, take pictures or take a little time out to enjoy nature. Beer, soft drinks and water are provided to and from Chacchoben Mayan Ruins. At the end of your adventure, you’ll be taken back to the pier.


When you visit the Kohunlich Ruins, your guide takes you through this breathtaking site named after the majestic cahoon palm tree that grows fronds up to 40 feet tall. Kohunlich Ruins include a sunken palace, acropolis, ball court, courtyards and the main attraction – the masks. Climb the pyramid-like temple for a view of the unique 10-foot high sculpted masks of the sun god ‘Kinich Ahau.’ Built before 500 A.D., these marvelous masks still retain some of their original colored stucco.



Maya Lost Mayan Kingdom is an adventure park offering exciting, fun and refreshing activities. There’s something for everyone – waterslides, zip lines, a zip coaster, swimming pool, natural pool, Mayan jungle, a teen-park and more.

You’ll want to slide straight down on the Kamikaze slide or spin into the hydro-whip slide, you have nine water slides to choose from. Try the inner-tube slide or hop on a mat and speed down the 60 foot slide. Do all nine or one, it’s up to you!

Take flight on one or both zipline courses. You can zip over 3,000 feet for a birds-eye view of the park, surrounding jungle and the Caribbean Sea. Work your way through the rope course and across the suspension bridge. Top it off with the thrill of a lifetime – the Kukulcan Zip Coaster, an 800 foot flight with twists and turns.

There’s a swimming pool and a natural Cenote pool. You can grab an inner-tube and take the River Expedition, a lazy river that flows through the Mayan jungle. If you have children let the kids discover the Teen Park, which offers smaller slides.


Indulge in an expedition deep into the Mayan jungle. Enjoy its natural beauty and the ancient mysticism that lies within on one of our single driver all-terrain vehicles. Take a short 15 minute ride from the pier to Rio Indio. There your experienced guide will give you safety instructions and a driving course to fully enjoy the expedition. Hop on your one person ATV and live the experience of driving through the Mayan jungle in Costa Maya. There are plenty of off road paths and hidden trails.

Costa Maya Village

Not into doing any of the many Costa Maya excursions? Well, relaxing at the port is also a great option. You will experience a warm welcome from the locals and enjoy the hospitality and excellent service of the establishments at the port. You can eat delightful Mexican food at the restaurants, buy local products and souvenirs in the stores, or hang out at the beautiful Costa Maya beach with a cocktail in hand.

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You can have a great time in Costa Maya without even stepping foot outside of the port. You can also watch live in person a history Mexican culture with “The dance of the flyers,” It’s a ceremony that consists of 5 flying men climbing a 30-meter pole from which four of them will launch themselves at the same time tied with ropes to descend to the ground. In the meantime, the fifth man dances on top of the pole playing a drum and a flute while bending fully backward to acknowledge the god of the sun.



Experience a series of holistic treatments patterned after those that the Mayas practiced centuries ago, all with the aim of enhancing your physical and spiritual well-being.

After a short walk from the pier, you will arrive at a special VIP area where you will indulge in a Mayan holistic experience. The intention is to release your positive energy and cleanse your spirit through traditional treatments that have been used for centuries.

A Mayan spiritual guide, known as a xaman, will lead you through the ceremonial process of purification within the VIP area. Your series of treatments may begin with a soothing Mayan bath in warm mineral-rich water. A temazcal session in a steam room usually follows. Mayas traditionally used these sorts of sessions to purify their inner spirits while a shaman chanted over herbal vapors emanating from steaming hot rocks.

Other treatments offered within the Mayan wellness palapa include a cleansing clay ritual and a coconut milk bath that will soften your skin. You will also receive a relaxing massage in a hammock that should release even the last vestiges of stress.

After the treatments, you will have the opportunity to snorkel in the shallow waters of Akua Bay. The reefs here are teeming with brightly colored tropical fish and graceful stingrays, so it should be quite the underwater show.

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There’s plenty of things to do in Costa Maya, Mexico when you reach the cruise port. These are just a few things to suggest. Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess, and MSC all sail to the Costa Maya cruise port. If the Costa Maya port is on your Eastern Caribbean cruise itinerary, make sure you do at least one of the listed things! We hope that you enjoyed reading. Interested in a Costa Maya cruise? Please contact us. We’ll find the best cruise line for you!

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