Temples, street life and the locals' prioritization of fun define Bangkok. Get amazing, real-deal Thai food on the street, take a boat trip, and bear witness to the boundary-pushing nightlife.

Bangkok's contradictory elements never cease to amaze. Ancient temples dot the city as do modern shopping malls, while Buddhist monks stroll among tourists in this increasingly cosmopolitan scene.

This capital of Thailand contains multitudes and overloads the senses, yet it is a truly unforgettable experience for prepared travelers with a sense of adventure.

Learn More About Bangkok

Wat Arun
This spired Buddhist temple on the Chao Phraya River is one of Bangkok's most popular landmarks. Wat Arun is named for Aruna, the Hindu god typically represented with the glow of the rising sun.

The Grand Palace
In the middle of Bangkok lies a spectacular network of buildings comprising the Grand Palace, once the residence of Kings of Siam until 1925.

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Shop 'til you drop! More than 15,000 diverse stalls make Thailand's biggest market a can't miss attraction. Visitors will find food and drink, home decor, electronics, clothing and more.

Lumphini Park
This Bangkok green space, with its lake, trees, and playgrounds, serves as an oasis to the bustling city activity. Visitors can bird watch, gaze upon the King Rama VI statue, and even rent boats.
Getting Around
Skytrain or metro is the recommended way to navigate Bangkok. Consistent traffic jams and gridlock make taxis and buses a less desirable option. Otherwise, boats can efficiently transport (adventurous) people via the city's major canals.